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What is the Detroit Promise?

The Detroit Promise is a last-dollar tuition scholarship. What this means is that it's the last tuition-based scholarship that will be added to your award to cover any tuition gaps that your financial aid does not cover. 


This scholarship helps ensure that Detroit residents have a tuition-free path to an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or technical certificate at participating academic institutions. 

Students will want to be sure that your programs of interest are financial aid eligible as the Promise only applies to programs that are eligible for financial aid.


Detroit Promise Scholarship is not competitive; EVERY student who registers and meets the requirements will receive funding if there are any tuition gaps.

As a last-dollar scholarship, any need based financial aid will apply to a student’s bill first (e.g. TIP, Pell). The Detroit Promise serves to cover any eligible tuition gaps.

Detroit Promise

Detroit Promise 4-Year University Eligibility

Students must:

1. Successfully complete and submit the FAFSA and complete all financial aid requirements for your intended school


2. Lived in Detroit for all four years of high school



3. Attended all four years and graduated from a high school in Detroit. 

*If you transferred you still qualify if all high schools attended were in Detroit*



4. Meet the following requirements of the college you want to attend (see below)


Participating 4-year Requirements

Class of 2022



GPA: 3.0 Cumulative  SAT
 Score: Test Optional

Central Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University

Grand Valley SU

Michigan Tech University

Northern MI University

Oakland University

Saginaw Valley SU

University of Detroit – Mercy

U. of Michigan - Ann Arbor

U. of Michigan - Dearborn

U. of Michigan - Flint

Western MI University*

Wayne State University

*Western is 1st-dollar (Promise applies 1st)


GPA: See Below
 Score: Test Optional

Albion College (2.7)
Alma College (2.75)
Cleary University (2.0)
Madonna University (2.8)


GPA: Below 3.3 Cumulative  SAT
 Score: 1060 (21 ACT)

Test Optional: (if above 3.3)

Michigan State University

Last Updated: 12/10/2021

Detroit Promise Community College Eligibility


Students must:

Live in Detroit AND attended a Detroit High School their junior and senior year.

*There are no minimum academic requirements




Skilled Trade Programs are also at participating communuty colleges

So, if you meet the Detroit Promise Scholarship requirements for a Community College, you can attend to  complete a Skilled Trade Program!!!

Participating Community Colleges

Class of 2022

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Support Resources for Community College Promise Students

Detroit Promise Path

The Detroit Promise Path is a student success program that assigns a Campus Coach to all Detroit Promise community college students. Campus Coaches connect students with on-campus student resources, support their educational journey and personal growth, and assist them in achieving goals. 

In addition to the benefit of having a dedicated, knowledgeable coach, each scholar participating in the Detroit Promise Path will receive a monthly stipend of $50 and be connected to a community of Detroit Promise scholars.

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Updated-DPS-Logo-Vert-12 (4)_edited.png
Updated-DPS-Logo-Vert-12 (4)_edited.png

Meet The Team


Jade Savage

4-year University


Wytrice Harris

Promise Path


Christine Rogers

K-8 Coordinator


Kennisha Williamss

HS Coordinator

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