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Soutien et ressources aux étudiants

DCAN a lancé une variété de ressources pour vous soutenir !

Voici les services que nous proposons:

  • Rendez-vous de conseil en tête-à-tête,

  • Prise en charge de la complétion FAFSA 1-sur-1

  • Ateliers de préparation au collège

  • Outil de correspondance universitaire

  • Liste des bourses

  • Bulletin étudiant

Pour toute question sur le soutien aux étudiants, veuillez contacter



Ressources d'assistance

​SAT Tips

  • Get a good nights sleep before test day

  • Eat a nourishing breakfast

  • Arrive to your test site early

  • Use a No. 2 pencil

  • Read carefully

  • Use the test booklet as scrap paper to jot notes and ideas

  • Eliminate answers to a question that you know are wrong

  • Circle questions in your booklet that you skip so you remember to go back and answer them

  • Answer every question

  • Work at an even, steady, pace, and keep moving forward

  • Keep track of time. Bring a watch (without an audible alarm)

SAT Prep Class Benefits

  • Provides Strategies

  • Provides tips for taking the test efficiently

  • Gives a good insight on what the actual test will look like so you're not blindsided

  • Shows you what type of questions will be asked

  • Proven to improve scores

  • Learn how to use your calculator to benefit you

  • It will help to improve SAT weak spots

  • You will feel well prepared

Ways To Practice & Stay Informed


College Board

  • Dates and information on the SAT and PSAT

  • Free official SAT practice questions

Kahn Academy

  • Free SAT practice tests

  • SAT Tips & Strategies

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